Photo tips

To help you with your entry, here are some tips on how to take the best photo of your holiday lights, and a basic digital camera or smartphone can do the job… we promise!

Plan ahead
Choose a day when you don’t have cars or rubbish bins out the front of your house and when you have all your lights and decorations up and working.

Set up before sunset
It gets dark quicker than you think! The best time to shoot will usually be within the first half hour after the sun sets, but this can change depending on cloud cover, the direction your house faces and the brightness of your lights.

Compose your shot
Choose the best angle to show off your favourite decorations, start there then get more photos from other positions after if you want to.

Keep it steady
If you have a tripod that’s great! But otherwise you can improvise by placing your camera on a fence, your car roof, a rubbish bin. You’ll need a longer exposure to capture the lights which will result in blurry, shaky images if you don’t keep it all perfectly still.

Use a timer – if you have one!
If your camera has a built in timer delay or you have remote control then use it, as your finger pushing the button can be enough to move the image and make it blurry during exposure. Otherwise press the shutter button gently to keep the camera as still as possible.

Take lots of shots
The colour and brightness of the night sky changes dramatically after sunset, take a photo every few minutes as you’ll notice the balance between the sky and your lights will change.

"Hello, I'm lighting up your Christmas."

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